Random Travel Thoughts

While I was travelling through SE Asia I observed and took in as much as I could and while I can wax poetic about all the amazing things I saw, did and learned one of the best

A New Day and A New Post in honour of #BellLetsTalk

I feel bad with the way I left things. I loved contributing to this blog and was so excited to come home from my trip and share with everyone my experiences but that didn’t happen. What did

Sometimes you just need a break

At the end of 2014 I wrote this post about how my life was being overrun with frantic energy and one of my goals for this year was to break the vicious cycle feeding into the chaotic

Sorry for the radio silence, I’m off exploring the world…

So sorry for the radio silence friends! January was a crazy whirlwind prepping for my 2 month trip to SE Asia, then February has been a blast exploring Thailand and already we’re into March! Rest assured I’m