Travel as quality family time

3 years ago my parents made a decision. Enough spending money on a pile of Christmas presents of items that we could frankly live without. They made the decision to invest in quality time instead of a quantity of things. In lieu of gifts – a trip! An all inclusive week vacation for the whole family to someplace warm and sunny! I can’t say I wasn’t thrilled.

At a time when I was newly married and my sister had moved in with her boyfriend, my parents were mortgage free and no kids were at home the timing seemed perfect. Scheduling seemed the biggest hurdle trying to find a time around everyone’s jobs but we were all pretty motivated which made it easier.

Cuba, Jamaica and Mexico – 3 times! We’re been hiking through the jungle, snorkeling, boating, swimming, quad biking, sight seeing, climbing ruins, cave diving, lying on white sand beaches, swimming in turquoise waters and all the while eating and drink until we rolled ourselves into bed. That kind of time together that is harder and harder to come by these days and these are trips we’ll always remember.



Unfortunately, after a few years life moves on. As my parents look towards retirement and my sister is preparing for her wedding the disposable time and money to go away and our family trips are at an end.

We had our last family trip this winter. Bittersweet, I’ll probably savour it more then past years knowing it’s the last but am thankful we had the opportunity to do this as long as we have.

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