Why I like “Bucket Lists”

We all have things we want to accomplish in life and in our travels. I am a born administrator so of course when thinking of my goals my brain immediately says “how can I categorize/organize my goals” I find laying things out in a chart or a list very helpful. Timelines and to do lists are staples in my life. Why wouldn’t I apply that same logic to my fun as well as my work?

Ok re-reading that back it doesn’t sound like much fun. I don’t mean it in a pencil pushing, grey cubicle, fill out this paperwork, kind of way. I mean it in a day-dreamy, brain-stormy kind of way. Use your imagination to come up with all the things you’d like to do. Write them down and see which ones you can check off your list. There are lots of websites out there that can be a fun way of keeping track, my favourite? Day Zero Project (disclaimer I am not affiliated and they are not paying me) I started in back in 2010 with an initial goal of 101 goals in 1001 days. I started small. Rearrange my music library. Read 10 new books. I checked in with the list every few months to update my progress but it also motivated me to reach for those farther off experiences as well. After 1001 days I was able to accomplish 93 of the 101 goals I had set out for myself and my life was better for it.


It’s a nice idea right?

Honestly looking at that list now, that’s probably double what I would have done if I hadn’t written it down. So when that was done I stared a new list. Another 101 goals in 1001 days. Just like dreams, once you achieve them, you only get to dream bigger! So this time, I added my travel goals into the mix. Ride an elephant, visit with tigers, swim under a waterfall, eat Thai street food in Bangkok etc. Now I’m only 20% of the way through my current list and getting close to the half way mark but with so many of my goals tied to my trip I’m not worried. These goals are more like guidelines to remind me of what I hold important and what I want to achieve, not a report card to mark how well I’m completing my life.

Have you thought about some of the experiences you’d put on your bucket list? Maybe try writing them down, you never know what kinds of experience you can have if you don’t set your mind to it and put yourself out there.

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