Pinterst and Unrealistic Expectations

pinterest_icon_0Ohhh Pinterest, one of the largest time thieves of the internet. If you’re not familiar, Pinterest is a visual bookmark site where users can “pin” images to to virtual cork boards to keep track of your interests. You can also browse other users pins of similar topics to add and connect or follow other boards that interest you.

For the travel lover Pinterst can be quite a rabbit hole to fall down. Browsing gorgeous professional photos from some of the world’s most exotic locations feels dreamy. Who wouldn’t want to visit every one of the places in the photos?

Problem is staged photographs, like models in magazines, don’t reflect reality. Any location can be staged to be amazing but with the inconsistency of the weather, conditions, time of year and budget it sets up unrealistic expectations. Looking at photos of the Taj Mahal isn’t reflective of what it’s like to travel to India. Travel is grittier, more chaotic, more exhilarating and more rewarded then photographs could ever convey.

photo-collageThat said Pinterest can be a great tool for organizing a trip. Pinning hotels or hostels, excursions or adventure companies, monuments and sights allow for a central space to keep track of information and websites both visually and by location.

I’ve been using Pinterst to both plan my upcoming trip as well as dream big for the future.

Do you have/use Pinterest?
Post a link in the comments, I always love to follow fellow travellers!

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