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While I’m taking on tackling my travel dreams I thought I’d cross another off my list. I have wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle for a decade now. I don’t really know anyone who rides or when the idea popped into my head. What surprises me even more is having a pretty nasty history with car accidents (not my fault!) that I would even be interested in something so risky.

Shortly after a traumatic car accident while I was in high school, my (now) brother-in-law was in one as well. He rode a motorcycle back when we were in high school. He used to love working on cars, bikes etc. In the same intersection that I was hit in, he was hit as well within the same year. He was riding his motorcycle with his backpack on. His backpack contained a bike battery. Cue your internal groaning. Yes, he was hit on his motorcycle, thrown from the bike and landed backwards. He was lucky the battery only broke his ribs and not his back.

My (now) mother-in-law made me promise I’d never ride a bike. In the moment of course I said yes. It seemed like a crazy idea. As the years go on it’s become more and more appealing. I made up my mind. One day I would learn to ride.


Ready for the open road!

Now travelling to South East Asia the idea of getting around by scooter seems only natural and when I was looking into staying in the North of Thailand motorcycle tours through the mountains looks heavenly. So what better time then now to saddle up and get it done.

I boned up on some facts, spent an afternoon at the MTO waiting in an incredibly long line in an abrasively slow queue, and got my M1. Next step to take a beginners course and test for my M2. I’m so excited I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

I’m happy that this trip is actually pushing me to accomplish other goals as well. I might not actually get a motorcycle for years to come but having my trip planned so far in advance leave a lot of anticipation but also opportunities like this that I’m eager to seize. So as I get ready to get on a bike I do it dreaming of riding the winding roads of the lush green Thai mountains.


I’ll bring a GoPro don’t worry :)

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