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I was nominated for a Liebster Award from Kendra the Escapologist and Tez Was Here

Liebster-AwardIf you don’t know what a Liebster Award is it’s kind of like a chain letter but the aim is to connect new bloggers to one another in the aid of building an emerging network. So since I was nominated twice both Kendra and Tez each sent me 11 questions to answer which I will try to rapid-fire below (22 total)! Under that I will nominate 10 other travel based bloggers who have under 600 followers. Those 10 are challenged to answer the questions I’ve posed at the bottom of the page and repost, linking back to me and nominating another 10 emerging bloggers.  Sound good – ok go!



Here are the questions given to me by Kendra the Escapologist:

1.) What is your favorite method of travel (i.e. train, boat, plane, car) and why? Honestly I love boats. There is something being out on the open water that is so freeing.

2.) What “unnecessary” item do you always take with you when you travel? Unnecessary is so objective isn’t it? :) Probably books. Having an iPad I could just load up ebooks but there is something so visceral flipping through a paperback while outdoors and listening to your surroundings while getting lost in the story.


Mmm donut…

3.) What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten and where? As a huge lover of food I don’t know that I can pin anything down! One of my more recent food memories is having fresh hot doughnuts sprinkled with sugar and drizzled with chocolate sauce at the South-End-On-Sea pier on a chilly March day in the east of England. I also have to throw in a giant pan of paella my husband and I shared on our first day in Barcelona, I still remember the crunch of the rice on the bottom of the pan. I’m not a huge seafood eater but I sucked the brains out of some shrimp heads that day! Ate so much I could barely walk home!


Love me some Tony

4.) What is your go-to TV show or movie when you are having a tough day?
It’s kind of embarrassing but these days I am a total sucker for the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid. But a long standing favourite is Tony Bourdain in either No Reservations or Parts Unknown.

5.) What is the best piece of advice you ever received? It’s better to be the best version of yourself then a weak copy of someone else.

6.) Do you always carry a map or guidebook with you, or do you prefer to get lost while traveling? Usually it’s an “in case of emergency” thing.

575323_10151296584725240_1039002724_n copy

Sunny Mexico 2012

7.) Do you prefer warm weather or cold weather traveling? Warm all the way. I loathe being cold and find even in warm weather I’m the one who brings a jacket (and usually uses it)

8.) When was a time that someone was unexpectedly kind to you? A coworker recently surprised me with a gift card for frozen yogurt for helping her out on a big project for work. It was unexpected but really nice.

9.) What is your favorite place to visit and why?


PBS was so important to me!

It changes every minute of the day depending on my mood. Right now given the kind of chilly summer we’ve had in Canada a nice tropical destination on the ocean would suit me fine. I’ve been to Mexico many times and have always love it there.

10.) What first inspired you to travel? Going all the way back PBS when I was a kid. You could always find me watching A&E, PBS, National Geographic and the Discovery Network. I wanted to make all the places I saw real by actually visiting them.

11.) What is your favorite quote/saying? Go big or go home!

And the questions sent from Tez Was Here:


Tez Was Here

1.) If money was no object, where would you travel to right now?
 I would fast track my upcoming trip to Thailand Cambodia and Indonesia. I had to plan/book a year in advance to save up for it and the anticipation is eating me alive so if I had the money I’d leave tomorrow!

2.)  What has been your worst travel experience to date?
 Two times equally because I was sick for both. The first was on a trip to Cuba, I ended up with Giardiasis and got really sick. The second was a night on a cruise ship sailing from England headed for the Mediterranean. We hit a really rough patch and the whole ship spent over 12 hours violently sea sick with no respite. Both of those were pretty bad.


Born for greatness!

3)  When you were young, what was your dream job?
 When I was 5 I wanted to be a rock star. As I got a little older I wanted to be a teacher and an artist. Now that I work in the arts and I teach I dream of being a traveler.

4)  If you could be fluent in any language, what would it be and why?
 Spanish. I’ve travelled to many latin countries and hope to visit many more, being one of the most popular languages on earth I think it would suit me well.

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 12.48.16 PM

Homesickness is hard when your dog is this cute.

5)  What was the worst job you’ve ever taken to fund your travel? Working a craft table at an event that had twenty thousand people. It was mass chaos of parents and kids and everyone was greedy and mean and I had to be super cheerful for hours on end.

6)  Do you ever get homesick during your travels?
 I can’t stay that I’ve ever been away long enough to get homesick. My upcoming trip will be my biggest challenge spending nearly 2 months away from my husband and pets, I can tell you for sure I’m going to miss them a lot during that time. My husband it won’t be as bad because of Skype and ways of connecting but I’m going to struggle with not seeing and being around my pets every day – especially my dog who’s my best buddy <3


Like a moth to a flame…

7)  What fancy, high-tech gadget can you not live without?
 Ughh I’m one of those people who’s attached to my iPhone. I’m addicted and when I don’t have it I feel like I’m missing an appendage.

8)  What has been the hardest thing about blogging?

Not being incredibly critical of myself. When I write I have horrible grammar, punctuation and sentence structure but what I try to do is write from a place of vulnerability and honesty. It has served me well so far and people seem to really connect to it but it’s still nerve-wracking thinking someone will not take me as seriously because I might end a sentence with a preposition and overuse the hell out of my commas.


You won’t make it far without taking steps.

9)  What’s the best piece of advice you can give to a new blogger? Just do it. Set aside some time and write about what you care about. I can go into a week with a plan and rough outline of a post I want to write but if I’m not feeling that the content is compelling me it just won’t be any good. Follow your gut, write about what you care about (because if you care about it someone else out there does too) and then you have to be a little shameless in sharing it and getting it out into the world!

10) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? (Stolen from Kendra.  I like it that much)


Wii tennis anyone?

- Going to repeat what I wrote for Kendra’s question It’s better to be the best version of yourself then a weak copy of someone else.

11) Last but not least, if you could be an elite athlete in any sport, what position and what league/team would it be? Oh god sports?? I’m completely clueless in this area, I like more recreational activities, like biking, snorkelling and hiking rather then sports, unless video game sports count – I’m great at Wii tennis!


I preferred recreational activities over sports!

Phew – are you still with me?

 Ok now it’s my turn to nominate 10 new bloggers

1.) MyTravelHeart@mytravelheart 
2.) Greer & Ian Peachey - @peacheytravels 
3.) StoriesFromABackpack - ‪@FromABackpack‪ ‬ 
4.) The Road Taken‪@TheRoadTaken11‪ ‬ 
5.) Tiana - @SglSrvFriends 
6.) 10CentTravels@10CentTravels
7.) Nina Ragusa@WitWiNina
8.) Brenden Palmer - @worldly_view 
9.) Eric Hoffman - @TheHusbandInTow 
10.) Jim In Asia@JimInAsia_

 And my questions are:

1.) What do you think is the best type of terrain/climate for camping?
2.) If you have to slash your budget when planning a trip, what’s the first thing that gets cut?
3.) Do you prefer urban or rural settings?
4.) Best tip for a long haul flight?
5.) On a motorbike are you the driver or the passenger?
6.) Other then travel, what is a topic you love to write about?
7.) If you could only choose one type of exercise for the rest of your life what would you chose?
8.) What’s the most important thing you’ve ever lost while travelling?
9.) What is a past job you had that you’d never do again?
10.) Do you bring anything special with you from home when you travel to make yourself more comfortable in a new place?
11.) What new destination have you never been but are excited to visit one day?

Remember to post your answers and link back to me so I can share!

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