Sometimes sick happens.

I didn’t update last week. I was planning to write an update about my reliance on technology (specifically my phone) and why I planned my upcoming trip to visit Bali during Nyepi – the Balinese day of Silence. That didn’t happen. Instead I got sick. I’ve been feeling run down for months. The problem is when I get busy and focused on work sometimes important things like my health fall to the bottom of my priority list. If I had address signs and symptoms early on I wouldn’t have needed an emergency doctor visit, a barrage of tests, ended up with 4 prescriptions and be down for the count for a month of recovery.

After I found out that I would be okay after some healing and rest I started to worry. What if this would have happened a week before my upcoming trip? Or worse yet during my trip when I am alone on the other side of the planet without free healthcare? It reinforces the importance of full coverage travel insurance. Many travel bloggers recommend World Nomads for comprehensive and affordable coverage and I’ll be setting up a plan with them in the next couple of months. It also reminded me about visiting a travel clinic and making sure I’m prepared with any shots I’ll need before I get on a plane. Despite all these there are things you can’t completely avoid. I’m worried I’m going to contract dengue fever because mosquitoes just love me (even when I’m covered in bug spray)

Most importantly it reinforced how important it is for me to listen to what my body is telling me. I’ll need to really be cognizant about how I’m feeling and why. Unplanned health issues are an unavoidable risk of travelling solo but it’s just puts to the forefront how important it is that I put my health above all else and that taking care of myself is my #1 priority in my travels and in my life.

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