Happy 1st Blogiversary How This Crow Flies!

Realizing that this blog is now a year old feels a little nuts! This side project I started to get me motivated has become my little escape and outlet – for sure more then just a hobby. So I wanted to reflect on the 10 top things I have learned from this blog this year.


Let’s eat cake!

1.) WordPress can be frustrating as hell. It has it’s limitations but learning to work with what you’ve got you just need patience and perseverance to get a website where you want it to be.

2.) Nothing is ever finished. This blog continues to evolve in style, design, direction and I just have to be open to where it takes me but by no means does it ever stop evolving

3.) I need to check my self-consciousness and stop comparing myself to other bloggers. How This Crow Flies is it’s own beast and with me leading the charge it won’t be like any other blog out there.

4.) It’s amazing how when I sit down to write about travel it always comes back to life issues or lessons. Travel isn’t a singular entity, it’s hopelessly tangled with all the other sticky bits in life.

5.) Writing isn’t about just about getting it all out and posting it online. It’s about connection and that involves give and take with both readers and other writers.


The worst thing you write is better then the best thing you didn’t.

6.) Even if you’re writing about a topic that every other blogger seems to write about these days, it’s different because it’s coming from your voice and your voice is what makes it unique.

7.) Arrogance is the quickest way to alienate a reader. No one cares if you know everything and anything about a particular subject. The best you can do is be humble and honest about your experiences and share those with others.

8.) Sometimes (as much fun as it is) blogging has to take a back seat. Having recently been sick for a longer period then I would have liked I felt pressured to keep this site as up to date with new content as possible. That is ridiculous, sometimes things, and especially your health are more important and the blog will always be here.

9.) I realized how completely unaware I am of the reach a blog can have. There are times when I would be catching up with a friend and they would ask me questions based on a recent post I didn’t think anyone had read, or a co-worker would compliment me and agree with a piece I wrote the week before. It caught me off guard each time because when I write it’s not for my friends, family or peers, I write because it’s a positive outlet and satisfying to me, the fact that others read it – and like it at that – is just a bonus

10.) I’m going to keep going. I pick up many things in my life. I am always looking to learn a new skill or try a new project. Once I feel like I have a handle on it I move to something else new and challenging. This blog has become more then just a project and I am excited to be able to continue for as long as I can.

Here’s to more travels, more posts and more around the world adventures to come!


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