#Reverb14 and giving myself a reboot

Zpese6s.jpgI’ve been slacking at writing lately. Like everything else in my life, it’s taken a back seat. This is a symptom of a greater problem I like many other have of feeling the need to put the most pressing issues at the forefront and putting off everything else. It creates a sense of urgency, franticness and busyness that never ends. In an effort to try to break bad habits I’m going to schedule in time for things I always feel like I don’t have time to do anymore like write. To help with this I signed up for #Reverb14. For 3 weeks this month I will be receiving daily writing prompts.eYl4MySpLdT-JVLQyr1BjA6AjBTAKxwH7iMHFa5xWcXq6rkUInnwJHPcZ8y-ZKG6qzX02foavMYkToGgmF4uBKhkMJrzEBWQVNOw-0mvJenOIEaB4VlBPB2wuZAxOZE-Wtmjs_TbOACS41wWs373LNa5fBSCvpZaj49MMA=s0-d-e1-ft Some will inspire new post here, some will make me think and reflect, others I might chose to skip or ignore. Either way I’m excited to take on the challenge and focus some time and mental effort on myself or once.

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