Frantic energy

The question of the day is: What energies did you channel this year?

I channeled frantic energy. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off, stressed, anxious and always moving energy. Unfocused and unbalanced like a little kid playing with a laser pointer. More tension-filled then a cat avoiding a bath.



I love made up internet quotes <3

Breeding this kind of energy is a vicious cycle. You get worked up. You express that to others. It makes them feel anxious in return. They feed that energy back to you. It makes your own frantic energy increase. Without some kind of act of catharsis, major breakdown or isolation it never ends. As I reflect on 2014 and look forward to 2015 one of the values I’d like to try and bring forward is breaking the cycle. Stopping the frantic energy in its tracks. I’m going to use my upcoming trip as a reboot. I’m going to seek out catharsis, breakdowns and isolation. I’m going to use it as a positive experience to listen to the inner thoughts my frantic energy is always drowning out. I’m going to isolate myself from all the routines that feed into my vicious cycle and break out of them to create new outcomes. I’m going to rebuild new habits so that when I return to my routines I can approach them with new intentions and create different results. I hope when I lookback on 2015 and answer the question: What energies did you channel this year? My answer will be much different then it is now.

This post is a response to Kat Mcnally’s Reverb14

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