My voice is changing

Today’s question:  what is the sound of your own voice?

Gettin' my teach on!

Gettin’ my teach on!

My voice is changing. It’s changed more in the last couple of years then over the last decade. I have always had an inner confidence but it didn’t always translate into a confident person and I’ve always struggled with a bit of a stammer. It wasn’t major and didn’t cause me any barriers but it did make me self-conscious when speaking up or speaking to groups. The biggest thing that helped me overcome my issues with stammering is teaching.

Realizing that I knew what I was talking about, that I could speak (even if I stammered) and that people were both hearing what I was saying and appreciated what I was telling them helped a lot. It started to build my confidence and the more I spoke the less of a stammer I had. Watching my speech develop over my 20’s I was able to learn more about my voice.

Over that time I developed what I call my “teacher” voice. When I am commanding attention, teaching or relaying a message whether in a classroom, a meeting at work or at home there is a noticeable shift in the way I talk as opposed to my social voice. Identifying my teacher voice has benefitted me in so many ways and I’m happy I was able to have the awareness to tap into part of myself and use it in ways that have been so helpful.

In starting this blog I am noticing the sound of my writer’s voice. It’s very new, shaky and still very rough (grammar has never been my strong suit). As an artist my voice is all visual and I can easily identify my style. I never thought I’d have a writing style but clearly each person puts their own stamp on how they craft their words.

I hope 2015 brings the confidence in my writer’s voice that 2014 did in my teacher’s voice.

This post is a response to Kat Mcnally’s Reverb14

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