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Question of the day: What rituals mark other significant milestones in your day? 

My most important ritual happens every night. When I get home from work or errands and I know I’m not going back out it’s the ritual of stripping off the day’s façade. I pull my hair into a pony tail or bun, take off the layers of heavy or constraining clothing, wash off any make-up and put on sweats. This ritual helps my mind shift. It tells my brain that I’m done with stress for the day. Anything causing me anxiety or pressure can get put on the back burner until tomorrow morning. That it’s now time to let go of all the control and tension and just let everything be what it is.

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Sometimes a face mask and bubble bath are greatly needed!

As an introvert it’s my signal for switch my outgoing energy off and focus on recharging my batteries. Sometimes that means putting on a movie and letting my brain focus on a simple solitary thing. Other times at the end of the day I still have a artistic burst of energy and take on a small project where I get the satisfaction of expressing creativity and working with my hands. A lot of times I need some major TLC and run myself a hot bath and savour the silence. My stripping down ritual is definitely the one that has the biggest impact on me mentally, emotionally and physically each day.

One of my biggest concerns for being away by myself for two solid months (my longest trip away from home ever) is losing out on this ritual. Moving from place to place and never “settling in” I need to make a concerted effort to continue this ritual in different ways. The guesthouses I’m staying in don’t have clean luxury baths. I’m not going to have access to big screen t.v’s and Netflix. I won’t have my studio space and art materials to create on the road. I’ll find new ways to adapt and recreate these shifts with what’s available and make sure that these daily rituals are something I take with me wherever I go, if nothing else for my own sanity.

This post is a response to Kat Mcnally’s Reverb14

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