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While I was travelling through SE Asia I observed and took in as much as I could and while I can wax poetic about all the amazing things I saw, did and learned one of the best

Sorry for the radio silence, I’m off exploring the world…

So sorry for the radio silence friends! January was a crazy whirlwind prepping for my 2 month trip to SE Asia, then February has been a blast exploring Thailand and already we’re into March! Rest assured I’m

Nyepi – The Balinese day of Silence

To an introvert who craves quiet time in what can sometimes be a chaotic culture a day of complete silence sounds like heaven. In fact I have built my upcoming trip around wanting to experience the holiday

I heart NYC

While I’m still working through some health issues I’ve been thinking more about past trips I’ve taken. With all of the research for my SE Asia trip this winter I keep overlooking some great opportunities like the