About Kim


I was born to travel

I’ve always wanted to travel. Ever since I was a kid watching PBS shows about the African savannah, the jungles of Brazil and the Australian outback, but growing up in a suburban Canadian city these places seemed as real as Cinderella’s castle.

Moving to Toronto, one of the world’s most multicultural cities was an adventure. Wandering through Chinatown with no english signage to guide me, trying my first bowl of pho and banh mi, siu mai and cha siu bao or the yummy gai daan jai. Making the trip to Little India to buy henna paste, a sari style scarf while learning the difference between curry, masala and saag. Spending summer nights on the patios of the Danforth sampling dolmas, fresh pitas with hummus, taramosalata and baba ganoush. (Can you tell I like it eat???)


Me and the Pantheon

The more I experienced the more I wanted to experience. Life, of course, got busy. University and graduation, a wedding, a house, jobs and pets all unfolded but that travel bug was always there itching in the background. Every little trip I was able to take fed my desire. It was then I decided as a belated honeymoon to go on a  3 week vacation and for the first time across an ocean to Europe. I ate, saw and experienced. Rode a double decker bus through London, watched the sunset over the coast of Africa, threw a coin in the Trevi fountain in Rome, ate croissants at a cafe in Nice and devoured a plate after plate of paella in Barcelona. Nothing compares to those experiences.


Port in the north of Spain

Turning 30 this past year has made me question the priorities in my life. I’m not getting any younger and there is a whole world left still to see. So I sat down and made a plan. 2 months in South East Asia. Alone and independent. A “find yourself” kind of trip. I’ve never been more vulnerable or excited. I decided this completely on my own and told my husband he wasn’t invited. Worried at first he knows this is something I want to do and once I set my mind to something – there’s no stopping me!


Visiting sea turtles in Akumal

So it brings us to today. Given my life right now I realized this is not the type of trip I can take on a whim. It involves planning, preparing and saving (lots of saving…) Thankfully my job is flexible enough that I can take a leave so I did some research into the best times to travel in the part of the world I plan to visit and mapped out for early 2015. I decided to start this blog not only to document my trip, but all the work leading up to it in planning and anticipation. This is a place for me to learn and fail and even if no one ever reads it, it exists.


With that said, if you’ve bothered to read through all that, I’d love to hear your feedback, comments, tips or criticisms so please reach out. With your help and my determination this is bound to be the trip of a lifetime!

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