Learning to love failure

In planning for my trip I decided it would only be smart of me to achieve another life goal of learning to ride a motorcycle (read about it here) Knowing that I have many months until I

Travel Diary: Barcelona

Up until my mid-twenties Barcelona¬†– or Spain for that matter – wasn’t even on my radar. The only cultural reference I had about Barcelona was a class project I did when I was 9 that coincided with


Cruises! Whether you think they’re for drunken yahoos or senior citizens, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong.¬†I was just as prejudice as most people when it comes to cruises but as a lover of travel when

Travelling amongst political instability

Now I can honestly say I have no experience with the title of this post. The most politically unstable situation I’ve been in was the 2010 G20 Summit right here in my hometown of Toronto. This topic