Documenting vs. Experiencing

There are two sides to the coin. Heads - be present in the moment, focus on the experiences as you have them and get the most fulfilment out of it for a holistic experience. Letting go, taking a

Upcoming Itinerary

When I tried to narrow down where I wanted to travel I had a really difficult time. In reality I want to travel most places. My first thought – South America, but I wanted to branch out

The decision to travel solo

The idea of solo travel isn’t for everyone. Is it for me? I’m not sure yet but I’m going to give it a go.┬áMy decision to travel solo came about a couple of different ways. Firstly my

Travel reading list…

I’m looking for books to download, bring or read while I’m travelling.Travelling solo will provide me with a lot of alone time and I enjoy a good afternoon break to either nap or quietly read a book