While I’m at it…

While I’m taking on tackling my travel dreams I thought I’d cross another off my list. I have wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle for a decade now. I don’t really know anyone who rides or

Travelling Catalysts OR How to Listen to the Universe

What made me go from a longing to travel to actually making the decision to do so? I’ll tell you – it wasn’t just one thing. Unfortunately I feel if I would have paid attention to the world

Pinterst and Unrealistic Expectations

Ohhh Pinterest, one of the largest time thieves of the internet. If you’re not familiar, Pinterest is a visual bookmark site where users can “pin” images to to virtual cork boards to keep track of your interests. You can also

Time flies

It’s been a few months. As I’ve toiled away working mostly 6-7 day weeks for the last 6 months I’ve been dreaming and planning. Instead of reflecting on possibilities of what could be, I was making decisions and putting